Rayzr Owner Testimonials

“For me, I can sell the idea of this camper easily. The Rayzr is affordable, versatile, simple, and comfortable. It can be plugged into shore power, but as a self-contained unit that needs no hook-ups for several days, it can also be my comfort in a State or National Forest or cross-country trip. I can take it anywhere I can drive my truck. Read more about our Rayzr on our blog.” – Kiki and Scuba Dunigan


“I’m hugging my brand new Rayzr camper because I love it so much! I want to give you my feedback on the camper. It drove great! I had no trouble on the freeways and crossing the Appalachians. It handled like a champ. I lost a mile or so per gallon, but not near as much as I expected. I enjoyed packing my stuff in it – it had more space to stow my gear than it first appeared. It was a pleasure to do business with you and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.” – Emily Huppert